All the baking we made with love

into the red

Red velvet cake with raspberry jelly and cream cheese frosting

1,290 Baht

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Dark and Glow

Dark chocolate cake with 64% dark chocolate couverture

Size 16 cm 1,150 Baht 

Size 22 cm 1,650 Baht

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Dalcey and the Beast

Dulcey mousse, chocolate from Valhrona, dark chocolate couverture64% cremuex and sponge cake

1,490 Baht

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Japan’s Calling

Japanese green tea mousse, red bean paste and charcoal sponge

1,350 Baht

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Bael Fruit

Bael fruit cake in french-butter pound cake.

Size 2 pound 650 Baht

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pillow pillow

Mango mousse, passion fruit curd and vanilla sponge

1,250 Baht

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